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Protective Welding Gear | Welding Safety Gear | Westminster, MD

Protective Welding Safety Gear is just as important 

to your weld as the equipment you are using.  

We are proud to carry protective gear

by brands like

Real Gear, Revco Black Stallion,

Hobart & Miller.  

C & O Distributors offers the following welding 

protective safety gear:

Heat Resistant Jackets, Pants, Shirts & Gloves.

Leather Gloves

TIG Welding Glove

Closed Toed Shoes

Welding Helmets, Eye Wear

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Real Gear USA - Industrial level performance with quality and choice.  Real Gear USA provides quality helmets and protective leather welding gloves with thermal and abrasive protections.  We also carry leather and synthetic mechanic and work gloves.  Real Gear USA also supplies auto darkening helmets with tons of choices that are the perfect mid range helmet for all welders alike.

Black Stallion -At Revco, we produce the gloves and protective clothing that hundreds of thousands of welders and industrial professionals depend on every day to get their jobs done safely.  Our mission remains as clear and valid today as it was over 30 years ago: ensure Revco brands, like Black Stallion, deliver the dependable protection, excellent quality, and exceptional value that our loyal customers have come to demand and expect.

Hobart Welding Products has spent decades (over 9 decades, since 1917, to be exact) designing, testing and manufacturing a full line of welding and cutting products that are industrial quality and easy to use.
Visit http://www.hobartwelders.com/elearning/ for welding tips, tricks and tutorials from the pros at Hobart!

Miller Protective Gear - We're redefining welder protection with products that provide optimal fit, comfort, performance and style, resulting in safer, more productive work environments.