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Adhesives - Farrier Supplies

Vettec Hoof Care - Solving hoof problems and restoring the natural form and function of the equine foot.

Equi-Pak CS
Soft instant Pad Material for Thrush

Infused with copper sulfate effectively treat most cases of thrush

Sole Protection and

Fast, effective protection and support for the unshod foot.

Glue-on-shoe Hoof Repair

Fast-setting urethane adhesive designed to bond steel, aluminum and urethane shoes to the hoof and to fabricate hoof wall repairs.

Super Fast
30-second All-in-one
Hoof Adhesive 

Create a custom shoe in minutes! Foal extensions attached in seconds or custom made in minutes.

Firm Instant Pad

Distribute the weight across the entire hoof-bottom to grow heel, hoofwall and sole.

Instant Shock Absorbent
Hoof Packing

Equi-Pak is used to prevent sore feet and comfort a sore-footed horse.

Silcone Packing Material

Vettec's new silcone packing
material is automatically dispensed under a pad to cushion, seal and protect the equine foot.